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Oregonians In Action is a non-partisan, non-profit organization representing Oregon home and property owners. As Oregon’s largest property owners association, our mission is to defend the right of private property owners to make use of their property. At the legislature, through the courts and at the ballot box, working with the media and through our many educational efforts, OIA works to change Oregon’s broken land-use system, a system unlike any in the United States.


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Looking Forward: Volume 24 Issue 1 (August 2017)
Looking Forward: Volume 24 Issue 1


Frank Nims, Founder
(1917 – 2017)


This is a great floor speech from Rep. Mike McLane. The bill being discussed is House Bill 3202, which allows Tri-Met to ignore state and local land use laws in order to develop a light-rail line through Portland and Tigard. It’s another example of how Oregon land use laws favor some, and disfavor individual property owners, especially in rural areas. Big thanks to Rep. McLane for saying what needs to be said.

HB 2785:

Here’s a nice article in the Capital Press about HB 2785, a bill that we were asked to prepare for Jesse Bounds, a Lane County farmer who was told by the Oregon Department of State Lands (DSL) that he had to get a wetland fill permit to replace his agricultural building that burnt down in a fire. HB 2785 will fix Jesse’s problem and ensure that every property owner in EFU or forest zones won’t have to worry about obtaining a wetland permit from DSL on property that the county has allowed them to develop. Working with Oregon Farm Bureau, we’ve crafted a dandy little bill, a good highlight from this session.


Looking Forward: Volume 23 Issue 2


Senate Bill 1588 Testimony

Here is Dave Hunnicutt’s testimony on behalf of OIA on Senate Bill 1588, the bill that would allow 8 Eastern Oregon counties to opt out of compliance with LCDC goals and regulations. Although the bill won’t pass this session, we’re making good progress on this issue, and look forward to getting something done in the legislature in the long session next year.


bill moshofsky

William James “Bill” Moshofsky
(1923 – 2016)



Why White House Economists Worry About Land-Use Regulations:
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Oregonians in Action’s Hunnicutt still pursuing land-use reforms:
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