Oregonians In Action

Oregonians In Action is a non-partisan, non-profit organization representing Oregon home and property owners. As Oregon’s largest property owners association, our mission is to defend the right of private property owners to make use of their property. At the legislature, through the courts and at the ballot box, working with the media and through our many educational efforts, OIA works to change Oregon’s broken land-use system, a system unlike any in the United States.


Why White House Economists Worry About Land-Use Regulations:

White House economic advisers have produced a steady diet of white papers this year to spotlight the puzzle of sluggish productivity, which economists want a better handle on because it helps explain why incomes for the broad middle class aren’t rising. Their latest target: land-use restrictions.

Housing is growing less affordable because there’s more demand for rental and, increasingly, owner-occupied housing, but little new supply. This hasn’t been a problem until recently—there’s been a considerable backlog of foreclosures and other vacant homes following last decade’s property bust. Throughout the housing slump, policy makers have focused on boosting demand by keeping mortgage rates low and expanding access to credit. (read more…)

Oregonians in Action’s Hunnicutt still pursuing land-use reforms:

A decade ago, Oregonians in Action and its highly quotable executive director, David Hunnicutt, seemingly were in the thick of every important issue involving the rights of property owners.

The group, then based in Tigard, had just sponsored Measure 37, the voter-approved initiative that rolled back many of the central tenets of Oregon’s groundbreaking statewide land-use laws. (read more …)

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