Bill Moshofsky, Vice President, Government Affairs

bill moshofskyBill Moshofsky is Vice President, Government Affairs, for Oregonians In Action (OIA).  OIA is a statewide, nonprofit and nonpartisan organization seeking balance and realism in land use laws and regulations and protection for property rights.  He also serves as President of Oregonians In Action Legal Center, a nonprofit organization that provides legal services without charge in test-case litigation on land use/property rights issues. He serves as a nearly full-time volunteer.

He has written a book, Regulatory Overkill, that explains how Oregon’s land use system evolved, and discusses what went wrong, and what needs to be done to fix the system.

Bill grew up on a small farm north of Beaverton and graduated with honors from Beaverton High School, the University of Oregon and the U. of O. Law School.  After practicing law in Klamath Falls and Portland for 10 years, he joined Georgia-Pacific Corporation where, during his 23 years there, he became Vice President for Government Affairs, Environment and Transportation.

In 1982, Bill Moshofsky left Georgia-Pacific to run for Congress in the 1st District, and ran again in 1984.  He then returned to private law practice as a partner in Moshofsky, DiLorenzo and Dietz.

He served in combat in World War II as an Infantry Officer and was recalled to active duty during the Korean conflict as a legal officer.

Bill has been active in many civic, business, and professional organizations, including: Board of Directors, U.S. Chamber of Commerce; Executive Committee, National Forest Products Assoc.; Board of Directors, Associated Oregon Industries; Board of Bar Examiners, Oregon State Bar: Chairman, Central Volunteer Bureau; Chairman, Oregon Council on Crime and Delinquency.

Bill has served as nearly full-time volunteer with Oregonians In Action since 1989.  He is married to Dorothy, and has four children and six grandchildren.

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