Frank Nims, Chairman

Frank graduated with a B.A. in Education from Western Washington College in 1939.

1939 to1961, Frank was a Pilot and Officer in Army Air Corps and United States Air Force until retirement as a Lieutenant Colonel.

1961 to 1988, Frank farmed 700 acres in Cove, Oregon, including beef cattle and 85 acres of sweet cherries. Frank was elected Outstanding Orchardist of the year by Union County Cherry Growers.

1971-1980, Frank served on the Board of Directors of the Oregon Farm Bureau Federation. Recieved the Oregon Farm Bureau President’s Award.

franknimsIn 1980, Frank was elected as a member of the Electoral College to cast the Oregon vote for President.

1980-1983, Frank was appointed by the Secretary of Argriculture as chairman of the Oregon Argricultural Stabilization Committee.

Frank was President of Oregonians In Action since it was founded and is now Chairman of the Board. Frank also is a owner – operator of an 80 acre farm in Sherwood, Oregon and timber land in Lincoln County, Oregon.

The Nims Family Association


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